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S4I responds favourably to the strict requirements of the electronic payment market, which has been constantly evolving over the last few years through the digitalisation of electronic payment systems and the new security standards that are attributed to it.

Through its experience, S4I has acquired the best partners (both technical, administrative and financial) in order to provide digital payment solutions adapted to our users’ needs.

Who are we ?

S4I is the first mutilation brokerage company specialising in the distribution of banking terminals coupled with free 7-day-a-week technical assistance. Created in 2016 by specialists in electronic payment, S4I has quickly positioned itself as an alternative in the electronic payment sector. With its customer-oriented corporate culture, S4I has enabled the Belgian electronic payment market to be perceived in a new light. Indeed, each merchant is unique and it is necessary to offer him a solution that meets his specific needs. This is why the company is committed to a policy of proximity with its customers and its direct communication enables it to achieve better customer satisfaction rates.

In the beginning, a simple idea …

CEO & Founder S4I Group


in a few words

Aware of the important changes of the last few years in the banking and financial world, but also to respond to a demand in view of the health context of the last year, it was necessary to take radical decisions to allow merchants & users to know what was new in the sector. S4I was created to respond to a new demand for intelligent and cost effective digital payment services, especially in times of crisis.

It is necessary to offer a significant boost to the economy through shock actions so that a maximum of self-employed and SMEs survive but come out winners thanks to the learning of the digital financial services made available.