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Payment solutions designed for everyone!

Our Multi-acquirer and Poly-product brokerage service studies solutions for your company. We have state-of-the-art terminals and the best banking services offered at the best conditions.

Portables terminals

In our catalogue you will fin several portable terminals of the latest generation, all with multiple functionalities. 

Fixed terminals

Our range of fixed terminals are suitable for most businesses and are  easy to install and to use.

Smart selection

Our selection of products on display, has been tested, verified and certified by a leading independent design office. You will find the best offers from major European companies.

Our banking solutions

We keep abreast of the latest regulations and legislation in order to provide the best electronic payment services. 

An overview of our products.

We are constantly looking for the best products on the market to satisfy our customers!

pax A50
Loyaltek 9220
Mini reader
Vérifone V400m
Vérifone vx520
Pax A77

The secret of success

We offer our users the best service of the highest quality thanks to our partner services.

They trust us.